HS FOOTBALL: Bunnell ready to interview candidates for football job

STRATFORD—The search for the new Bunnell High School football coach is ready to enter its next stage: The interview process.

Bunnell athletic director Wayne Thrall said on Monday night that he was looking to interview up to five candidates for the position in the near future.

Thrall said he was impressed with some of the candidates who applied for the position, and hopes to have a new coach in place next month.

The position became vacant earlier this month when Sean Mignone resigned after spending seven years with the program, the last four and a half as head coach.

Midway through the 2014 season, Mignone replaced Doug Cotto, who was placed on administrative leave and relinquished of duties later that season.

After posting a 4-1 mark over the second half of that season, Mignone was officially named the head coach.

He was 33-14 over his Bunnell career, including 25 wins over the last three seasons that included Class L postseason appearances in 2016 and 18.

This past season, Bunnell was 9-1, but ran into the buzz saw that is Daniel Hand in the Class L quarterfinals, losing 56-0.

Mignone said he stepped down due to family obligations.

“Watching my own kids grow up and start to get involved in athletics and other activities, I knew I had to make a choice,” Mignone told The Stratford Sports Scene the day after news broke he had stepped down. “I try to be the best father to my kids that I can be and be a role model for them. Plus, I want to be able to coach them, see their games and be at their activities.  So, I had to make a decision.”

Mignone has been a teacher for 17 years and a coach in some capacity for 14 of those. As such, he knows that to be a successful coach of a successful program, it can’t be a part-time gig

“Being a head high school football coach is not a three-month-a-year job, it is a 12-month-a-year, 7-days-a-week responsibility.  And I loved it,” Mignone said. “I could not be the head football coach at Bunnell and not give it 100 percent of my time and effort.  I could never coach or run a program that way.”

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    1. AD Thrall did not release the total number of applicants, but interviewed five from that group. He said he was pleased with the quality of applicants who applied for the job.

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