Bunnell High junior wrestling captain Julian Dematteo went 'On the Record' with the Stratford Sports Scene.

ON THE RECORD: An interview with Bunnell High’s Julian Dematteo

Julian Dematteo has been a part of the Bunnell High wrestling program for three seasons.

Now a junior captain, he has the season the program grow a lot already and is looking forward for future growth in the future.

After the team’s thrilling last-match victory over Weston recently, Dematteo took time to go “On the Record” with the Straford Sports Scene.

Stratford Sports Scene: What’s the best thing about Bunnell High School?

Julian Dematteo: I just like the community, the environment and just how everybody pulls together. Everybody is welcoming and accepting.

SSS: If you could change one thing about the school, what would it be?

JD: I’m not sure. That’s a hard question. Maybe the time it starts, I’d say.

SSS: What teacher or coach has had biggest impact on you?

JD: I’d have to say Mr. Moore had a pretty big impact on me. My sociology teacher. In class, he’d motivate me and help me get my work done. He’d talk to me on a personal level and get to know me better. He pushed me a little bit, which helped me a lot.

SSS: Why did you become a wrestler?

JD: I wanted to challenge myself. I knew it was pretty hard. I heard stories. My friend used to wrestle. He recommended it and I fell in love with it.

SSS: How far has program come in four years?

JD: It’s come a long way. We have a lot of new kids and the team keeps growing. We’re all getting better together.

SSS: What’s the hardest thing about wrestling?

JD: Probably dealing with losses and missed goals, I think. Maybe cutting weight.

SSS: How disappointing is it to gear up for a match and learn you won by forfeit?

JD: It’s pretty upsetting honestly, but you just have to realize there will be other opportunities and you have to keep working hard.

SSS: It’s certainly nothing like pro wrestling. Were you a fan of that growing up?

JD: Not really, no.

SSS: What are your goals for wrestling moving forward?

JD: I would love to wrestle in college. I’m just working toward that, but whatever happens.

SSS: What scares you?

JD: Regrets.

SSS: Where do you see yourself in 20 years?

JD: I think I’ll own my own house, maybe have a family. I just want to be set and have a decent paying job and be happy with what I’m doing in my life.

SSS: What’s the perfect breakfast?

JD: Two eggs and a banana.

SSS: Your ideal midnight snack?

JD: Coach is standing right there, so I’ll say carrots.

SSS: And your favorite home-cooked meal?

JD: I’d have to say chicken parmesan.

SSS: There are so many problems in the world right now. If you could fix just one, what would it be?

JD: Discrimination. There is so much violence caused by different groups and extremists. If that could all go away, and we could be more accepting of one another, it’d be a wonderful thing.

SSS: If you could live anywhere other than Stratford, where would it be?

JD: I’d stay on the East Coast. New York. New Jersey. I like it around here.

SSS: What is something nobody knows about you?

JD: I don’t know. I’m pretty open. Maybe I used to box. I did some amateur boxing.

SSS: What one word best describes Julian Dematteo?

JD: Hard-working.

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