Stratford's Amanda Ogrodowicz, a sophomore, is a three-sport athlete in the winter mode of girls basketball. (File photo by John Nash)

ON THE RECORD: An interview with Stratford High’s Amanda Ogrodowicz

Stratford High’s Amanda Ogrodowicz is a throw-back athlete in the truest sense of the word.

In a day and age where all the rage is focusing on just a single sport, Ogrodowicz is a three-sport sophomore athlete at Stratford High. She plays volleyball in the fall and lacrosse in the spring, but right now she’s focused on the goings-on in Needham Gym during this year’s girls varsity basketball season.

While the Red Devils trek uptown to face arch-rival Bunnell High tonight, Ogrodowicz took time out the day before the big game to go “On the Record” about her busy high school career and more.

STRATFORD SPORTS SCENE: What’s the best thing about Stratford

AMANDA OGRODWICZ: Umm, I like that we’re getting a new school and we get to use the new gym by next basketball season. To me, that’s the best thing.

SSS: If you could change one thing about the school, what would it be?

AO: Probably, I wish more of my friends went here. Most of them, from middle school, went to St. Joe’s, and we split apart. I wish they went here. It would have made our sports programs a lot stronger.

SSS: What teacher or coach has had the biggest impact on you so far in your career?

AO: My lacrosse coach, Coach Sarah (Stevens). She has a different style that I like and she’s always really encouraging.

SSS: You’re a three-sport athlete, but which of these are you: A volleyball player who plays basketball and lacrosse; a lacrosse player who plays basketball and volleyball; or a basketball player who plays volleyball and lacrosse?

AO: I’m a lacrosse player that plays lacrosse and volleyball.

SSS: In this day and age where so many athletes cut down to just one or two sports, what made you stay with all three sports?

AO: I like staying conditioned. All year round, I realize when I have a break from volleyball to basketball or basketball to lacrosse, I get really bored and just sit at home. I like practicing and I like making friends. With all the different sports, I’m always hanging around different people each season.

SSS: As a three-sport athlete, how would you like to win a game: A kill in volleyball for the final point, a buzzer-beating basket on the court, or a game-winning goal in lacrosse?

AO: I feel like scoring game-winning shot at the buzzer in basketball. There is more energy. In lacrosse, if you score a game-winning goal it’s still good, but with basketball, it’s more exciting. Plus, I don’t make a lot of jump shots.

SSS: This year’s basketball team is a young team, with one senior (Abby Anka) and a new coach. How are things going?

AO: It’s gone well. We should have beaten New Milford, but other than it’s going good. I like Coach Kelsey (Gilmore). The plays she uses and everything is a lot better. We’re definitely going to get a lot stronger.

Stratford’s Amanda Ogrodowicz, a sophomore, is a three-sport athlete in the winter mode of girls basketball. (File photo by John Nash)

SSS: What does the Stratford-Bunnell rivalry mean to you?

AO: I think, I don’t know, I think people make too big a deal over it. It’s a big deal, but people turn it into an argument when it should be just more of a regular game. You’re playing your rival and you want to beat them, but people start fights about it and it becomes a bigger deal than it should be.

SSS: The holiday season just wrapped up. What was your favorite Christmas gift?

AO: Umm, probably clothes. I got a lot of clothes.

SSS: Did you make a New Year’s resolution?

AO: I said I was going to eat healthier, but then at lunch I had cookies. (Laughs). And tomorrow, I’m having Colony (Pizza).

SSS: What’s the worst pronouncing you’ve ever heard of your last name?

AO: Probably like “Oak-rah-do-witch.” But somebody told me that’s how you’re supposed to pronounce it by Polish people, but it just sounds weird.

SSS: What’s your earliest sports memory? It doesn’t have to be basketball-related.

AO: I think dance is a sport and I used to do dance. I never really did sports like I do now. But my earliest memory is my first dance competition and going with all my friends to stay over at a hotel.

SSS: What scares you?

AO: Sharks and spiders.

SSS: What is your go-to, pump-up jam that you listen to before a game?

AO: I don’t really have a certain song. I just have a whole playlist of songs. I don’t let like genres of music. I listen to all kinds of music on the bus and then put the music away before the game.

SSS: If you had one do-over in your life, what would you do-over?

AO: I’d probably start playing lacrosse earlier, and basketball. But definitely lacrosse. I wish I had started when I was younger.

SSS: What’s your perfect breakfast?

AO: Waffles with Nutella.

SSS: The ideal midnight snack?

AO: Ice cream. Cherry Garcia

SSS: And, your favorite home-cooked meal?

AO: Any type of pasta.

SSS: If Netflix was going offline for good, what show would you rush home to watch one last time?

AO: The Vampire Diaries. Or Grey’s Anatomy, but yeah the Vampire Diaries.

SSS: What one word best describes Amanda Ogrodowicz?

AO: Happy.

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