Julia Torreso, a senior captain on the Stratford girls basketball team, went On the Record with the Stratford Sports Scene. (Photo by John Nash)

ON THE RECORD: An interview with Stratford High’s Julia Torreso

Julia Torreso is proud to be a Stratford Red Devil. The two-sport standout, a senior, has been a varsity volleyball player and a varsity basketball player for all four of her years on campus.

Come fall, she will take her on-court hoops talents to Manhattanville College.

Torreso, one of three captains for the team, has Stratford halfway to a state tournament berth halfway through the season.

Earlier this week, Torreso took time out to go “On The Record” with the Stratford Sports Scene.

Stratford Sports Scene: What’s the best thing about Stratford High School?

Julia Torreso: The best thing about Stratford High School would have to be … I have to think. It’s fun, especially with the athletics. There aren’t two gyms, so we share and we all know each other. It’s like a big family.

SSS: If you could change one thing about the school, what would it be?

JT: All these renovations we have going on. It’s just a lot with the transition over to the new school.

SSS: What teacher or coach has had the biggest impact on you since you’ve been at Stratford High?

JT: There’s been a couple of teachers I’m very close with. Miss (Kerry) Lynch, my English teacher, last year, and Miss (Jamie) Gildea, my math teacher and my volleyball coach.

SSS: You’re halfway through the season and halfway to a state tournament berth with four wins. What will it take to get there?

JT: I think it’s going to have to be the effort of the team. I know at this point of the season it’s going to be very hard for us because we’re playing harder teams, but if we show we want it, I think we can accomplish it.

SSS: Tie game, one second left on the clock: What teammate do you want to see at the foul line to win it?

JT: One of my teammates? Abby (Anka). She’s my baby. We’ve grown up together. She works really hard at practice. She pushes herself.

Stratford High senior captain Julia Torreso went ‘On the Record’ with the Stratford Sports Scene. (Photo by John Nash)

SSS: You have a new coach in Laura Descenza this season, as well. What’s been the biggest change from past years?

JT: She and our previous coach have totally different dynamics and coaching styles. It was different for us to adjust to it, but it’s been a good adjustment. She pushes us to work hard every day in practice and I think we can do good things.

SSS: Are you a volleyball player who plays basketball, or the other way around?

JT: I’m a basketball player who plays volleyball.

SSS: What is your earliest sports memory?

JT: I don’t know. Probably when I started playing basketball at St. James.

SSS: If you could play a sport, you have never tried before, what would it be?

JT: I’ve played a lot of sports. I’ve even done horse-back riding. Probably lacrosse, that’s one of the only ones I haven’t tried yet. It’s different.

SSS: What scares you?

JT: In general? Spiders. Insects. I can’t. I just don’t like bugs. I don’t like snakes either.

SSS: What is something nobody else knows about you?

JT: Umm, probably that I used to ride horses. Some people know that, but not a lot.

Stratford High senior captain Julia Torreso went ‘On the Record’ with the Stratford Sports Scene this week. (Photo by John Nash)

SSS: What was the last movie you saw and give us a one sentence review?

JT: Last movie I saw was Creed 2, the new one that just came out. I liked it. It was a very good movie. I like how it ended.

SSS: If Netflix announced it was closing down, what is the one show you would race home to watch one last time?

JT: These are hard-hitting questions (Laughs). There is so much on Netflix. It’s too hard to choose.

SSS: What is your perfect breakfast?

JT: Chocolate chip pancakes. I love chocolate chip pancakes.

SSS: The ideal midnight snack?

JT:  Ice cream. Chocolate chip.

SSS: What is your favorite home-cooked meal?

JT: What do I like? Let’s see. I like so much food. I eat a lot of pasta. Something pasta related.

SSS: If you could go back in time and witness something historic, what would it be?

JT: I’d like to see Michael Jordan play basketball.

SSS: And what one word best describes Julia Torreso?

JT: Out-going.

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