Support the Stratford Sports Scene

Dear Loyal Readers,

Two months ago, the Stratford Sports Scene was launched as a place for the student-athletes, who call Stratford, Connecticut home, to have their stories told.

Since then, the blog has put together more than 80 posts, including game stories, feature stories, breaking news, and special “On the Record” interviews that allow readers and followers to get to know these athletes better.

It has brought you stories on youth sports, high school sports, college athletes and coaches who are giving back to the sports world that has meant so much to them.

The response from athletes, parents and fans has been great.

Moving forward, we know there are plenty of more games to played and stories to be told.

Be it on the football fields, the basketball courts, the baseball diamonds, or the tennis courts, the Stratford Sports Scene hopes to be there to tell those stories.

But it needs your help.

The Stratford Sports Scene is a one-man endeavor—and it’s not even his full-time gig.

The blog needs a little bit of financial support to keep going and growing into this year and beyond.

Not a lot, mind you. This blog isn’t about getting rich.

It’s about giving back to the community, but the blog does need some sort of income to make that happen.

We have reached out to the community in hopes of finding some sponsors to allow the Stratford Sports Scene to last and grow into the future.

We hope, to possibly expand by hiring freelance writers and photographers to cover even more events.

So far, we have come up empty in our quest for any type of sponsorship, however.

But we’re still trying. So, if you know of any businesses or own a business that would like to be at the forefront of sports coverage in the town, please reach out to us.

In the meantime, we want The Stratford Sports Scene to remain “free” and open.

We don’t want to put up a pay wall and require our readers and followers to pay for the service. I promise you it this it will never come to that.

But, this morning, we have joined forces with two reputable online sites to help us meet our goal of becoming more financially stable in order to help us grow.

The first is Kickstarter. We have started a Kickstarter campaign in hopes of reach a low-attainable goal of helping us to finish out this school year while continuing to look for a sponsor.

You can find out Kickstarter Page by clicking here.

We have also joined Patreon, a website that allows our fans to embrace what we’re doing and help support our efforts on a more regular, rolling timetable.

To become a “Patron” and support the Stratford Sports Scene with financial help, all you have to do is follow the link and click here.

That best part is: There is no set or required donation.

You pick and choose what you want to donate to help us grow and thrive in the future. (There are some gifts coming back at you for whose who do donate a certain amount).

In this day and age of a vastly changed media world, The Stratford Sports Scene appreciates everybody’s support in our quest to give our student-athletes the coverage they deserve.

We simply can’t do it alone.

Thank you.